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Disruptive Innovation in OOH Coming Soon

Ever thought that millions of PRODUCTs can be parked at streets?

Wouldn't that be absolutely parking!? Yeah, it would!

Transcend from 2D to 3D


Out of Home

Advertising spots that just can't be missed.


Step Down Transformers exist on the foothpaths since long time. The place is messy, dangerous, dirty and repulsive & needs to be cleaned, covered and beautified. Outdoor media is lacking varieties and is dull. Hoardings are visual pollution and are vanishing slowly. New life needs to be injected in outdoor media through an innovative street furniture.


Fibre glass boxes of different sizes and shapes can be used to cover transformer structures. The place is beautified, the public is protected from electric hazards and protects transformers from natural elements. These boxes become a powerful advertising tool, they are called Visibility Engines


An innovative concept of Visibility Engine, a 3 dimensional product parking mode is evolved. Mega products can be parked at eye level on almost all the streets. These products are impossible to ignore and are capable of creating powerful impact on the consumers. Visibility Engine gets converted into a LANDMARK naturally. Visibility Engine has great commercial and social values


  • Eco Friendly
  • Human Friendly
  • Consumer Friednly
  • Non-Intrusive
  • Subtle
  • Beautiful
  • Powerful to Nth Degree
  • Cost Effective
  • Highly Contagious


Parking a product on public places


With the advent of globalisation in the Indian market comes the need for strong bolder and innovative outdoor media advertising. Gone are the days spray and pray & intrusive advertising techniques. The consumer now wants something new, something more powerful than the usual run-of-the-mill print & TV ads. The world of outdoor media advertising is relatively unexplored & barren land. It takes the power of innovative thinking & imaginative strategy.


Here is an innovative, original concept of Visibility Engine, a mode of Parking a product at almost every lane. Innumerable three dimensional mega product can be parked, at eye-level, stragic locations without jarring our esthetic senses.


The innovative system will communicate visually to consumer & gradually fill their mind space. The Visibility Engine grows to get converted to a landmark. This is a first sign of a big revolution in outdoor media advertising. Which enter into third dimension. Visibility Engine is eco-friendly, human-friendly, consumer-friendly & government-friendly.


The Visibility Engine shall move at densly populated location from cities to town to village covering 50% of the global population, at viral speed.

Visibility Engine in action

This is happening on every road, lanes and by-lanes.

Social Role

Great Forex Signals

With countries all around the world struggling to recover from the crisis, job creation policies are at the top of the agenda for policymakers. Our results caution that the challenge for policymakers is not only to create more jobs, but also to create better quality jobs to promote growth. Overall, our results show that while smes employ a large number of people and create more jobs than large firms, their contribution to productivity growth is not as high as that of large firms.

To address this issue well regulators in india will have to start to take a more balanced view of the respective roles of banks and regulated non-banks and find a way to encourage banks to provide financing to non-banks instead of pushing banks to directly lend to these "priority" sectors -- their cost of operations and the national and centralised nature of their operations and now increasingly the shortage of capital under the new guidelines are all such that they are poorly placed to this effectively.
Sincerely however the concept of "Visibility Engine" has inbuilt capacity to create larg number of jobs for undergraduats.there will be manageable explosion of organised jobs at foot path "service delivary business models".Readymade Enterprises will be offered to the ignored section of the society who has no identity.and this is inevitable with "Visibility Engine". The shortage of capital will not push the "priority sector" to obliviation.

One side of the enclosure or both sides of the enclosur can be extended by 5 feet creating a space for the micro service delivary activity/hawking business. This is functional value of the enclosures and front panel is for advertising revenue generation. This place is already occupied by the transformers and hence the additional encroachment of public place is not created.

Revenue generation modes:

Operating e-governance booth, information kiosks,trffic monitoring, data collection,vending machines, and offering m any kind of micro services.Individuals Will invent their own activities.The Micro enterpreneurs will take all possible services to the door steps of the consumers under the banner of”engine man”this way they will be placed at most strategic places having high earning power. The person opens a kiosk as a first business, and then earns enough money to and move to larger trading outlets.these goes on and on.

Social role:

Usually private sector does not have a social role. They are supposed to make money. Why should they talk about others making money (poverty reduction)? More over why they should get involved into reforms when it does no make economic sense?

Effective poverty reduction requires a balance between the state and the private sector such that the private sector’s initiative and efficiency is exploited in the interest of citizens. A key role of government is to open up the entry for enterpreneurs and to provide citizens with choice. The effective and rapid adoption of the best prectice requires openness to new ideas and innovative approach to look at existing opportunities. Privatisation will be more consultative type arrengment may play a useful role.

The concept of visibiltiy engine will allow the poor not just to have a job or a business, but a progressivly better paying one. Visibility Engine shifts performance risk to private party who focus efforts on improving regulatory frame work and building institutional capacities.

Private provision of social service is not only a reality with Visibility Engine, but it is priority. This is the strong case of three way partnership between state, private sector and community organisation. Business of Visibility Engine is a business where social benefits preceeds business revenue and have many collateral benefits which can be defined as more of c s r.here csr is not a drain of business profit and do not reflect on roi.

Employment generation:

There are possibility that around 25 to 30 lakhs under graduates who will earn at least Rs.6,000 to Rs.10,000 per month. And equal numbers will get employment indirectly.It Is visualised that there will be managable explosion of organised street hawking business at “Visibility Engine” and that is inevitable sustainable natural phenominon.

Need of the hour - Jan Dhan Yojana declared by hon. PM.

We at blank space were thinking 15 years ahed of time and visualised the future. Honerable prime minister sri narendra modijee has declared the main thrust area of indian economy growth engine that is “banking for everyone”. This will change indian way of life drastically.

We at blank space were thinking 15 years ahed of time and visualised the future. Honerable prime minister sri narendra modijee has declared the main thrust area of indian economy growth engine that is “banking for everyone”. This will change indian way of life drastically.

“Engine Men” are the most suitable agents to deliver the last mile services.

The main features of the jan dhan scheme(pmo office) include rs 5,000 overdraft facility for aadhar-linked accounts, ru pay debit card with inbuilt rs 1 lakh accident insurance cover and minimum monthly renumeration of rs 5,000 to business correspondents who will provide the last link between the account holders and the banks.The Concept of Visibility Engine is most relevant network existing in the ‘brick and mortar world’ to translate pm’s dream in to the reality.

Mr. Laxmichand inventor of Visibility Engine was visualising this 15 years back and has an ip on the stretegic business plan utilising the commercially invisible infrastructure existing at every kilometer of indian populated territary. He aded commercial value to it and converted in to biggest network in the brick and mortar world. We have 100 lakhs physical locations in india. These locations can cater to the need of total indian population as they are existing at most remote places.

  • Digital india- banking for every indian-e governance –traffic monitoring
  • And many more last mile service delivary at most cost effective rates

Only Visibility Engine is the shortest route.

Visibility Engine network is second to the internet as well as the biggest real brick & mortar network capable of translating virtual thinking in to execution mode.

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